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Click to see details of Tree of Life I

Tree of Life I


Click to see details of Tree of Life II

Tree of Life II


Click to see details of Tree of Life V

Tree of Life V


Click to see details of Ark Curtain: Apple Tree

Ark Curtain: Apple Tree


Click to see details of Collage: Torah

Collage: Torah


Click to see details of Collage: Tikkun Olam

Collage: Tikkun Olam


Click to see details of Judaica Series II

Judaica Series II


Click to see details of Judaica Series III

Judaica Series III


Click to see details of Judaica Series IV

Judaica Series IV


Click to see details of Dove over Sonoma Vineyards

Dove over Sonoma Vineyards


Click to see details of Torah Mantle: 7 Sacred Species

Torah Mantle: 7 Sacred Species


Click to see details of Holiday: A Good Year

Holiday: A Good Year


Click to see details of Rosh Chodesh Women`s Gathering

Rosh Chodesh Women`s Gathering


Click to see details of Torah Mantle: Pomegranate Becoming

Torah Mantle: Pomegranate Becoming


Tree of Life I This elegant Tree of Life encircled by the sun, moon and stars, rejoices in the celebration of life, spirituality and nature. Archival giclée print. About giclée prints.
Tree of Life II Chai (To Life!) inscribed in roots below ground. Words of the song: It is a Tree of Life to those who grasp it, (in blue at base) refer to the Torah. Archival giclée print. About giclée prints.
Tree of Life V This elegant Tree of Life, with chai in center, evokes the movement of trees dancing in celebraion of life, spirituality and nature. The design was featured on the front cover of the 2002 Resource Directory published by Jewish Bulletin of Northern California. Archival giclée print. About giclée prints.
Ark Curtain: Apple Tree watercolor & acrylic
Collage: Torah Torah original mixed media collage includes watercolor pieces, the Sh'ma (mezuzah prayer), handmade paper, brass and copper; and natural elements, such as tree branches, leaves, pottery chards, shells, or glass.
Available in different backgrounds: watercolor-painted paper and various handmade papers including real Egyptian papyrus.
No two are exactly alike. 8”x10” matted and 3/8” - 5/8” in depth. Can be personalized. See Commissions page for personalized examples.
Collage: Tikkun Olam Tikkun Olam original mixed media collage combines natural elements, such as tree branches, with copper and brass, watercolor pieces and handmade paper. No two are exactly alike. 8”x10” matted. Can be personalized.
Judaica Series II

Jewish fundraising Greeting cards

Judaica fundraising Note cards

Assorted 8-card package (2 cards each of 4 different designs):

Mazel Tov
Tree of Life
Shalom Chanukiah

Vividly -colored cards include metallic gold, and are blank inside. For wholesale orders, please contact Nina directly.
Judaica Series III

Jewish fundraising Greeting cards

Judaica fundraising Note cards

Assorted 8-card package (2 cards each of 4 different designs):

Pomegranates: The seeds of a pomegranate, according to biblical teachings, number 613--the same number of mitvot, or good deeds, contained in the Torah. Twin blue lines represent the Israeli flag and a tallit or prayer shawl. Sun and moon represent the change of seasons, the passage of time and the torah being passed down from generation to generation.

Dove over Sonoma: The dove of peace soars above vineyards and golden, rolling hills. Pomegranates represent the Torah; grapevines become Hebrew letters for chai (To Life!), a menorah, and shalom (peace). We also see olive branches, grapes, Italian cypress trees and barns.

A Good Year: A stylized Magen David becomes an apple tree of life which conveys Rosh Hashona (New Year) greetings.

Dove over Jerusalem: This night time vision of peace in the holy land expresses our endearing hopes.

For wholesale orders, please contact Nina directly.
Judaica Series IV

Jewish fundraising Greeting cards

Judaica fundraising Note cards

Assorted 8-card package (2 cards each of 4 different designs):

Shalom: The dove has been traditionally associated with peace. In the story of Noah's ark, it was a dove bringing an olive branch in her mouth which let Noah know that the waters had receded enough for life to reappear on earth.

Menorah: In dark nights in the midst of winter, Jews around the world light the menorah celebrating Hanukkah. This holiday recalls the triumph of light over darkness and justice over tyranny.

Torah II: The Torah represents the heart and soul of the Jewish people and is referred to as the tree of life. This torah has the message: Sh'ma Yisrael--which is the watchword of our faith expressing our belief in one G-d.

Mazal Tov II: Bright, jewel-tone colors and many textures highlight this card of congratulations or mazal tov.

For wholesale orders, please contact Nina directly.
Dove over Sonoma Vineyards Dove over Sonoma Vineyards is available as a 10"x16" or 14"x23" giclee print.

The original watercolor painting was 14"x23".
It was digitally transformed into a 7'x12' vinyl banner for Congregation Shir Shalom in Sonoma, CA.

The banner was dedicated in a special shabbat service in Sonoma on November 14, 2009.
I wrote and presented this poem for the occasion:

Dove of Peace over Sonoma Vineyards
Banner Dedication Poem
By Nina Bonos
November 14, 2009

Yea, I walk through the Valley of the Moon,
And it is wonderful!
Adonai is alive in the vineyards.

I feel her presence within and around me
While drawing and painting from my soul.
Inside the Shir Shalom window shape
A carefully crafted artist’s story comes alive.
Intuitively, shapes and colors emerge
From my heart, mind and hands
To share with you.

Sweet, purple grapes are ripening
While dancing on their vines.
Grapevines appear as outstretched arms of friends,
Reaching for one another,
Linking arms, davening and singing:
Hiney Ma Tov u-ma nayim
Shevet achim gam yachad
How good and pleasant it is when
Brothers live together in harmony.

High above, the Shir Shalom Dove
Sings her Song of Peace.
Soaring in the blue sky towards the clouds,
The full harvest moon, and the heavens,
Her melodious song delights the ears
Of the valley inhabitants below.
We see man and woman’s presence
In the bountiful valley,
In barns and homes sheltered among
Native valley oaks and Italian cypress trees.

Grapevines become a menorah,
The symbol of ancient Israel.
Multi-colored leaves become flickering candle lights,
Warming the glow of Hebrew letters spelling Shalom.

Bright, red pomegranates recall our Torah.
It’s seeds, numbering 613, represent the number of mitzvot
Prescribed by our Tree of Life.
Olive branches are another important peace symbol,
Reminding us of the Noah’s ark dove returning from dry land,
Signaling an end to flood, and a return to peaceful times.

The golden, rolling hills of California,
Expressed in pastel, rainbow colors
Are our backdrop for a wonderful life in paradise,
Here in the Valley of the Moon on a beautiful autumn day.
Torah Mantle: 7 Sacred Species My inspiration for the Seven Sacred Species watercolor comes from a passage in Deuteronomy 8.10 where we are introduced to the Sacred Bounty of the Land of Israel: For the Lord your G-d is bringing you into a good land, a land with streams and springs and fountains issuing from plain and hill; a land of wheat and barley, of (grape) vines, figs, and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey. G-d cites these seven foods both for their spiritual as well as nutritional benefits.
Holiday: A Good Year A Good Year: A stylized Magen David becomes an apple tree of life which conveys Rosh Hashona (New Year) greetings. The 11 x 15 mixed media collage original of this image is available. (Sorry, prints not yet available.)
Rosh Chodesh Women`s Gathering In this piece, four women representing the four seasons (from left to right: winter, spring, summer, fall) dance around the Tree of Life. Their arms, resembling tree limbs, reach high into the night's changing sky. The primary figure assumes the yoga tree pose atop the Hebrew word chai meaning life. This Rosh Chodesh dance celebrates renewal and new beginnings while seven stars of David surround the new moon. A museum-quality, giclee print of an original watercolor painting. About giclée prints.
Torah Mantle: Pomegranate Becoming I sat next to our backyard tree to paint a young, green pomegranate turning red. With it’s dashes and splashes of color, the star looks electrically-charged.
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