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Dear Nina,
Thank you for the great beauty you and Julie made possible in our sanctuary. On some weekends when Shir Shalom worships in the sanctuary on Saturday morning, I ask that the banner stay up through the church's worship service on Sunday. What a powerful transformation of the space!
In peace,
Reverend Nancy Taylor
First Congregational Church, Sonoma, CA

First Congregational Church Dove over Sonoma Vineyards
First Congregational Church and Congregation Shir Shalom in Sonoma, CA meet in the same sanctuary.   7'x12' vinyl banner "Dove over Sonoma Vineyards" commissioned by Shir Shalom was created by Nina Bonos.

Dear Nina,
Wow!....It's a really beautiful box! Definitely sign me up for quarterly updates. Also, the works I saw on your website are great!
Los Angeles
Music Notes Box Outside Music Notes Box Inside
To commemorate the Santa Rosa Symphony's Youth Orchestra 2009 Tour, I created the first of its kind: a unique mixed-media addition to the Nina Bonos Signature Series, Music Notes Collection.

Hi Nina,
The Chaverim card fundraiser was very successful...we only have a few card packs left.
Everyone loved your beautiful cards and they were easy to sell!
We hope to do it again next year.
Shomrei Torah
Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Nina,
Everyone who has seen your beautiful cards is blown away by their artistry and excited about the possibilities of the Golden Gate Philharmonic's using them as a fundraiser. I will make the official presentation at our Executive Board meeting on Friday, I feel certain they will want to give you an order!
San Francisco, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Nina Bonos to create original etched glass artwork for my Windsor dental office. We could not be more pleased with the result. I attribute this to her commitment to the project. Her persistence during the conceptual phase, the design, and assistance with the final product assured me that we would be completed in a timely manner, with the results that were desired. Nina's enthusiasm and cheerfulness made working with her most enjoyable.
Dr. Kurt Mitchler
Windsor, CA

Dear Nina;
We want to thank you again for your work, packing and general appreciation in being able to meet with you. The trip home was flawless and there was nary a problem, let alone a scratch to the print. Your packing was very well done! We are, of course, thrilled with the print and note that it looks even better than we had anticipated in our home.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

As the chair of our Jewish Day School's Main Event Fundraiser, I needed to find the perfect gift for our school's honorees. I searched online for Judaica art that would fit our budget, and at the same time would WOW our recipients. Nina emailed me various suggested artworks and was able to personalize all the pieces we purchased. We received everything in the time frame that she guaranteed, and the art pieces were perfect!
St. Louis, MO

We have had amazing feedback from our donors who LOVE the challah cover with your artwork. I would love to continue to work with you in the future.
JESNA (Jewish Educational Service of North America)
New York

I have the print and it is beautiful, as says everyone who has seen it!
Art Curator
Staten Island JCC

These cards are absolutely gorgeous! As a founding member of the choir here, I love those music cards. Those rolling hills of Sonoma are just too pretty.
Riverside, CA

The cards have arrived, and, as expected, are beautiful. Many thanks!
Albany, NY

The package arrived yesterday and we just unpacked. Your website is very good and gives one a taste of your work, but your art must be seen in person to give it full justice. I think your collages and prints are wonderful, and a great match and complement to what I already have in my gallery. I suspect that we will do lots of business. The cards are also beautiful - they are cards i would send myself, which is how I always judge my merchandise.
The Aesthetic Sense: Fine Art & Judaica
Mount Kisco, NY

Several years ago, Nina designed the logo for the To Life! Festival in Palo Alto. I was given one of the limited edition prints of the artwork, and it hangs on my bedroom wall across from my bed. I wake up to it every morning, and I go to sleep with it every night. It is a beautiful image, one that I cherish so much that I specifically included it in my will!

Dear Nina,
We love the print we purchased. We just got it back from framing. Sonoma Vineyard Quilt is now hanging proudly over our mantle. We really love your use of color and the print's impressionist qualities. We will enjoy it for years to come. Also thank you for the beautiful cards. Keep on creating!!
Take care,

Dear Nina
thanks so much for your wonderful work...I just love it!!!! One of the things that I'm truly enjoying about my piece, SINGING PIANOS, is constantly finding new things in it...such as: colors, shapes, designs, meaning, balance, sentences, melodies...the list goes on and on.
:) Deanna

Torah arrived today--IT IS MAGNIFICANT!!!! I canít wait until his Birthday. Cards are great also, will pass along to gift shop.
Thanks again,

I own an incredible masterpiece. Nina's beautiful painting of Spring Lake gives me so much pleasure day after day, month after month, and year after year. Nina's colorful perception of nature is vivid, playful and inspiring. It is a way of bringing a part of our extraordinary Sonoma County landscape inside to be with me always.

Like your new website very much ..........tremendous amount of information and pictures....GREAT!

Great site! Your work lifts the spirit. If you're not already planning to do so, please make up some Chanukah cards. I know they'll go over great.
Warm regards,

Congrats on your new and multi-faceted website! I'm happy to see you taking off. I like the way you've organized the different aspects of your business with the side bar and top bar. Very easy to navigate.
Good luck,

Dear Nina:
Mazal Tov on the new website and thanks for sending the info to me. It is dazzling, to say the least. The colors and the total organization of the site are incredible. I love my Aleph Bet Creation that I bought from you at the Palo Alto L'Chaim Festival last fall. People love it. I look forward to seeing you and your gorgeous work during the year. Have a wonderful and Peaceful Pesach.

Beautiful (On Passover). Looks spectacular. Your new work is lovely.

VERY NICE site, Nina. I love the colors and it is easy to get around within it

Dear Nina:
It looks great! Very striking! I think your web designer did a great job; it seems well organized and totally professional-looking.

I love all your work! I'm thinking about the print as 11x15. Love your website - it is awesome!

I was doing a random search for Torah images and came upon your site. I just had to write and tell you how beautiful and vibrant your depictions are. I am bookmarking your site for future reference as I am seriously considering a purchase some time in the future. Yasher

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